Monday, June 22, 2009


This is one of my dinner menu. The menu was 'dried chilly chicken with cashew nut' and bok choy. Since i have chicken breast and i'm bored to make butter chicken which is always in the menu so i thought of other recipe. This recipe came out after i remember eating it at a cafe nearby my house but without the cashew nut. Fortunately, there is dried chilly and cashew nut at home.

Dried Chilly Chicken With Cashew Nut


  • Chicken breast (strip cut)
  • Dried chilly (soak in hot water)
  • Cashew nut (fried)
  • Garlic (chop)
  • Onion
  • Corn flour (mix with water)
  • cider vinegar
  • Oyster sauce
  • soya sauce
  • Pepper
  • sesame oil
  • Oil for frying
  1. Marinate the chicken breast with mix corn flour and pepper. Mean while, fry the chilly and then set aside the chilly.
  2. Use the chilly oil and a bit sesame oil to fry garlic, onion then the chicken.
  3. When the chicken nearly cook, put oyster sauce, soya sauce and vinegar. Then mix together with cashew nut and dried chilly.
  4. Walla finish! Serve.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mutiara Ketabahan

Dibawah merupakan cerita anak kerang bersama ibunya yang sangat menarik diambil dari blog 'The Precious Moment' kak tirana dengan izinnya untuk tatapan semua. Mengingat dan menyedarkan saya bahawa kita perlu belajar berdikari dan tabah menghadapi segala rintangan dalam hidup ini. Segala rintangan dan dugaan mungkin ada rahmat disebaliknya.

Pada suatu hari anak kerang mengadu kepada ibunya akan kesakitan yang dialami bila tubuhya yang lembut itu dimasuki oleh sebutir pasir. Apa yang mampu dilakukan oleh ibunya untuk menolong selain dari sama-sama mengalirkan airmata melihat penderitaan anaknya.

"Anakku..Tuhan tidak menganugerahkan kepada ibu tangan yang mampu menolongmu membuang pasir itu. Ibu tahu pasir itu amat menyakitkan sekali tapi terima dan redhalah ia sebagai takdir alam. Kuatkan hatimu. Hadkan pergerakanmu. Pertingkatkan semangatmu melawan rasa ngilu dan sakit yang menggigit itu. Balutilah pasir itu dengan tubuhmu yang lembut itu. Hanya itu yang mampu kau lakukan" kata ibu kerang dengan perasaan sayu.

Anak kerang menuruti nasihat ibunya namun rasa sakit itu tetap dirasakannya. Dengan linangan airmata ia bertahan dari hari ke hari...bertahun lamanya. Tanpa disedari pasir tadi bertukar menjadi sebutir mutiara. Rasa sakit yang ditanggungnya sejak sekian lama dirasakan telah terbayar. Penderitaannya bertukar menjadi mutiara yang berharga.

Cerita di atas menggambarkan bahawa penderitaan adalah satu transaksi untuk mengubah "kerang biasa" menjadi "kerang yang berharga". Keperitan dan penderitaan dapat mengubah kita sebagai "orang biasa" menjadi "orang yang luar biasa". Itulah yang dialami oleh beberapa orang yang terkenal seperti Mahatma Ghandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela dan lain-lain lagi.

Penderitaan yang dihadapi dengan kesabaran dan ketekunan yang luar biasa akan mengubah kita menjadi seorang yang luar biasa tabahnya. Proses terbentuknya mutiara yang berharga iaitu ketabahan mengajar kita supaya bertekun dalam berdoa dan mendidik kita supaya yakin kepada Allah dalam menghadapi penderitaan dan masalah-masalah kehidupan. Apabila kita tekun berdoa dan redha, maka Allah akan mengubah penderitaan dan masalah kita menjadi mutiara-mutiara yang indah. Hikmah yang didatangkan-Nya bersama airmata penderitaan akan lebih diingati dan dihargai.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saving Money

Everyone of us need money and most of us are worst at managing it. I'm one of the worst people. I'm not proud but shame of it. Many young people in Malaysia fall into bankruptcy due to temptation to use plastic card known as credit card. That why AKPK (Agensi Kaunseling & Pengurusan Kredit) has been launched to provide free credit counseling, education and debt management services to individuals. Anyone who has not yet working, still studying my advice would be do not get a credit card if you can't hold your temptation in spending. Especially if you are shopaholic. Start learning budgeting money.
we have own ways to save or budget their money suitable with our own lifestyle. The first important thing to do in order to save money is to track down where the money goes. Here are some of my ways to save some money:
  • Track money spending. Some people keep the receipt for every purchase. Which is a good thing but how about purchase with no receipt like pasar malam. I keep some of my receipt if it is a long list of purchase. I stack a few paper and clip them together to make a money spending note for a month. Every night before going to sleep i write down my spending on that day. For example:
8/6/09, Wednesday
- Burger = Rm2.70
- Ice Milo= Rm1.80
- Ice cream = Rm2.30
Total = Rm6.80
  • Cut where possible. After a month we will see what we had spend on. Then we can see the spending pattern. Cut where we can. For example minimize eating outside. Squeeze slowly the budget. I mean if eating outside for a month cost rm150 why don't make it rm100 for next month and so on. We don't want to be drastic and we are in process to change our attitude.

  • Bring your own food to the office. This is a good way to save money. Many of us are too lazy to cook for lunch in the morning. Me too. But when my husband said i want to bring lunch from home and don't want to buy food. Well i have to. What i do is i cook bigger potion for dinner so i can save some for lunch tomorrow. I'm too lazy to cook in the early morning unless i'm on a high dose of prednisolone. I keep my cooked food in a microwavable container and put in the fridge. Next day i just heat in microwave. Lucky if anyone has a microwave in the office which i don't.

  • Minimize eating outside. Eating outside like McD, Kfc, Pizza Hut is expensive. Each eating for two would cost minimum Rm20. If can, come when the price is low for example McD lunch meal is now RM6 and pizza hut has a variety of meal where the price is cheaper. When you are sick then eating outside is a good solution if no one willing to cook for you or if you live alone. Set aside easy and fast cooking food like food in a can when you really need it like busy to cook or sick.

  • Use coupon or discount card. For example, i occasionally use my sister's discount card for Hi-Tea, lunch or dinner or staying overnight at selected hotel. Hi-Tea at Riverside Majestic hotel cost Rm70 for two person but with that card it cost only RM40. Sometimes hotlink offer discount through sms.

  • Car Pooling does save petrol. It reduce cost in gas and maintenence than driving solo. Especially if you live in KL. If your friend work at the same place as you and live nearby make a suggestion to do car pooling. Have to be fair. Perhaps half month for each one of you.

  • Use one credit card instead of many. Credit card is like you having a loan. One credit means one loan if we have many mean we are trying to have more debt. Pay at least minimum amount every month which is 5% from the outstanding balance. If can pay within 20 days to avoid interest which is 1.5% permonth. Avoid 5% late payment from the minimum amount to be paid. Try to pay ontime otherwise the bank will call for payment. Especially RHB. It is better to get a lower interest credit card if you can find one. If you have more credit card and eager to pay all the debt, try to get personal loan but make sure the interest every month is lower than the credit card interest. However, some bank do offer interest free for certain time of period. So check any offer or newsletter from the bank.

  • Switch off after use main switch. This habit in my family is a must change. We dont always switch off the switch. For example tv, washing machine and microwave. Apparently my sister who live separately advice me to do so. The current still running even though we turn off the tv but not the main switch.

  • Install motion sensors on lights in your home. The light will only turn on when movement is detected and turn off automatically. These work particularly well for outdoor lamps, which can also boost security. So your light not always turn on which save energy and money.

I do follow all of the above but to tell the truth sometimes i tend to skip 'The tracking money' part and neglect to switch off the main switch. This happens when i received my salary at the beginning of the month. Well it take a discipline and determination. Early Last year i went to see AKPK to know more about money management and the person incharge told me that my money problem is small compare to others who owe ten to hundred thousands. He advice me to work in the government lane for higher salary. Ermm.....probably. Meaning i need to have a side income. I'm thinking of internet business. If it is a success i'll post on how i do it.
There are books selling out there about money management. For example you can see this book by KC Lau which attract me. I havent buy the book yet but i will.

Here are some clips and suggestion that could helps:

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Feeling Sad

This month make me feel sad. All the sad vibe conquering me. My husband keep repeating old sad song from you tube, one of my kitten named Coreng had an accident but luckily survive with a defect, my long time friend (my ex) contact me make me remembering all those days and my father with his own mess problem, my sister with her financial problem and remembering my late mother.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Majalah HealthToday June 2009


Sesiapa yang ingin mengetahui lebih lanjut mengenai lupus atau sle. Bolehla beli Majalah HealthToday bulan June ni. Ada cerita pasal Siew Lian sekretari organisasi lupus malaysia dan banyak lagi.