Monday, December 5, 2011

My House Routine Plan

Have u ever tired of cleaning the house? wishing the house is fully organised and u know where to keep everything after use? well, at this moment this what i feel. i wish i have a maid to keep everything clean and maintain that way. My house is big. 7 rooms, 3 bathroom and toilets. My compound is big and all of us are lazy to cut the grass or water the flower. Sometimes my other uncle who were hired by my father to be our gardener when i was small is still here doing the same thing but less work due to age factor. Thanks a lot to him.

Part of the house such as other bedroom except mine and one living room are not in my control area when it comes to cleaning. There are two family living together plus my father. It is tiring to clean all of these. So i think i need to figure out on the cleaning part and i have to do it bit by bit. Dont ask me why i dont delegate or ask for help from my sister side. my nieces in the house are lazy. So i better do it myself thats why i said part of the house i cant control in term of cleaness. I have to plan my weekly routine especiallyafter i came home from work. My routine starts at 8pm.

Simple Routine of mine.....

8pm - 11pm
-have shower after my son sleeps
-cook simple dinner. I wish to cook more using slow cooker but the cooker i have is small n not much recipe i know using it. I have been thinking to freeze a few dinner. Not sure whether it will work.
- have dinner
- cook for tomorrow lunch (if i'm not lazy or tired).
- clean the kitchen
- do cleaning chore (see below).
- do the laundry. this i can ask my husband to do as he always come homein the afternoon and go back early but sometimes he forget about it. In case he did wash the clothes, then i put the laundry in the dryer.
- sleep

Cleaning chore for one week:
-toilet (twice a week)
-bathroom (once every two week)
-kitchen area (everyday. only once mopping the floor)
-dining area (once for mopping the floor. Always me seating on dining chair. My sister side always eating out and take away). During weekends i do this.
-living room (once every two week. Too lazy to do it every week). Usually during weekends.

Another tips for Organizing Housework if we have baby,

Wish My House Like This

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